Lake Garda’s pleasant climate is an Eldorado for outdoor-athletes. Surfing, mountain biking or hiking – Lake Garda is the place to be. A climber’s hot-spot and a splendid start for your via ferrata adventure is in the very north of Lake Garda: The village of Arco.

In autumn, Lake Garda is tempting: There is cozy temperatures, stable weather and sun galore. Many vie ferrate are blessed with sunshine which makes it possible to climb – and get sweaty – in a T-shirt until October. Here we reveal our top three autumn recommendations for vie ferrate with maximum sun exposure.

Via Ferrata Monte Albano

Difficult and a classic – the via ferrata Monte Albano convinces with an exciting crossing through an exposed vertical wall, which offers a breathtaking view around the valley. Anyway, please be cautious: The first couple of meters are to be climbed freely. Beyond this point the via ferrata is well secured, though.

In summer, access is limited to the early morning or late afternoon – for it is simply too hot climbing it at any time between. In autumn, on the other hand, the tour is the perfect choice all day – the sun will be with you all the time. Interested? You can find a detailed description of the route here.

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Via Ferrata Fausto Susatti

Via ferrata Fausto Susatti leads all the way up to Cima Capi, a small pre-summit of Cima Rocca, and is easy to climb. Old First World War tranches are part of the via ferrata since the former frontline run right through the mountain massif. The adventurers among you may fancy exploring the tunnel system – but don’t forget to bring your headlamps.

Besides the mountain’s history, endless autumn-sun and a stunning view over Lake Garda makes this ferrata so very attractive. For both beginners and less experienced climbers this via ferrata is worth the money.

There is still some strength left in your arms? Via dell’ Amicizia to Cima SAT offers a final opportunity to burn off energy.

Via dell’ Amicizia

For those of you who like to get up early: Via dell’ Amicizia to Cima SAT is a great choice. Due to the east orientation, you can enjoy warming autumn-sunlight until late afternoon. Yet, there is something even more important: At an altitude of 650 meters a highlight is expecting you. Several vertical ladders – some of them exposed – are going to test your head for heights. This will be the case, at the latest, when you are taking a glimpse at Riva del Garda and the lake below you – at 1,000 meters altitude.

Which equipment to bring for a via ferrata?

Safety is more important than anything else for climbing a via ferrata. Therefore, appropriate equipment is inevitable. In the following, there is a brief overview which equipment you need to bring:

  • Gloves are important! They will protect your hands from sharp rocks and tiny wire filaments which are sometimes sticking out of the main wire rope – they can painfully pierce your hands.
  • Backpack with a drinking-system: you can climb freely and stay hydrated without being bothered by opening and closing your backpack all the time.
  • A helmet is protecting you from unleashed stones.
  • Climbing harness: are you familiar with the harness’ functions – how to fasten it?
  • Sling: a sling with an extra carabiner has proven extremely useful. If there is a “traffic tie-up” or you need to pause just use the sling and the carabiner to take a seat in your harness for a little while – or take amazing pictures using both hands.
  • Via ferrata set: check regularly which climbing harnesses fulfill the latest security standards. In the German speaking countries was a product recall some time ago by many manufacturers due to several accidents.
  • A pair of solid hiking boots with anti-skidding soles are a good choice. If you should consider buying one of those, please keep in mind that they will be used for climbing – your sensation should not be impaired. Only the most sportive vie ferrate require rock climbing shoes.

Detailed tips for dos and don’ts on vie ferrate and equipment can also be found here: Basic knowledge of via ferrata for beginners – Safety on the precipice: Tips for a safe via ferrata tour