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Challenging boredom – Games that make travelling fun

On the way to your vacation destination it can get boring at times. Time passes slowly in the car, bus or on the plane and sometimes you also have to wait rather long before your journey continues. TATONKA found some games that help you make time fly by.

My Teapot
This is a rather well-known game. One player chooses a word with a double meaning, e.g. “table”. A table can be a list of data or the table you sit at. Both attributes are now described. Every sentence starts with: “My teapot is… e.g. made of wood and is digital.” The others then have to guess which teapot you were thinking of.

I’m going on a trip

A very popular game you might already know from school or kindergarten. One of you starts with the sentence: “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking ____ with me”, naming an item they’d pack for a trip, e.g. “…my toothbrush with me”. Now it’s the next player’s turn. They have to name the item from before and add a new one to it, like this: “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking my toothbrush and my hiking boots with me”. The third adds a further item to the list and so on. The one who first forgets or skips an item has to quit the game. The last player still going wins.

I spy with my little eye
A classic to pass time in busy places. You choose an object near you and try to describe it with one word: “I spy with my little eye something… blue!”. Now it’s the turn of the other players. They have to guess what the spy’s object might be. If they cannot guess it straight away, you give them a second hint and so on. The one who guesses right first is the next to choose an object.

A player of your group starts by naming a compound word, e.g. “swimming pool”. The next player then has to think of a new compound word starting with the second part of the first word, “pool”. Let’s assume, they’d go for “pool boy”, then the next one says “boy scout” and so on. You can decide on how quickly a new compound word has to be thought of – if it takes someone too long, they’re out. The winner is the player who can go the longest.

Palm reading
This game can be played by two. One of you closes their eyes and puts down their hand for the other, the palm facing upwards. The other player then writes a word on the palm using their finger while every letter is drawn slowly, one after another. Now, the first player has to guess what was just written on their palm. You can also use your backs as a “blackboard”. If you are more than just two players, you can form groups of two. Then, everyone gets the same word shown by a moderator and the pair that first guesses the word wins.

Obviously, you can also pack a little backpack with your favourite toys. Pens and paper, card games or books are perfect when the travelling time just doesn’t want to go by. An additional advantage: As soon as you’ve arrived at your destination, you can just continue playing with your things.