Has Alpine skiing become simply “same procedure as every winter” and has it somehow lost its attraction for you, despite the fascination of snow and downhill enjoyment? The winter season offers numerous possibilities for enjoyment in the snow or on the ice. We have some tips for a very special winter vacation, full of enjoyment and activities that you will not forget so quickly!

Cozy nights in the igloo

Endless ski slopes, super descents, sunshine and mild, refreshing air – a day of skiing could hardly be better. And when the sun goes down? – The offer of a comfortable nest to settle down cozily and review the adventures of the day. Does this sound incredible? Well it is, actually – incredibly lovely. Many organizers offer accommodation in an igloo – romantic in the suite for couples or exciting in the family igloo. A fascinating experience is guaranteed, when you spend the night amongst snow and ice.

Igloos are built from blocks of snow, hewed from deep and compact snow, and erected with sloping sides. These are built up in ring form, higher and higher and ever closer together to form a dome. Traditionally a sheet of ice can be built into the top of the igloo to let daylight in.

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For all of you who think you may not take part in such an adventure at night because of the frosty temperatures: take heart! The snow acts as an insulator and the temperature in the igloo is a little above freezing point; body temperature in the igloo also contributes warmth.

High-function sleeping bags, thermal mats and mattresses protect from the cold and ensure cozy comfort, even when there is snow lying outside.

Snoe-shoe trek – at once with nature

The tree tops are covered in snow, there is powder snow on the ground and the atmosphere is silent – all this awaits the outdoor enthusiast on his snow-shoe trek: An experience at one with nature, ideal for individualists and all those who want winter enjoyment even if this is not on skis – but nevertheless based on long tradition.

For North American Indians and trappers, snow-shoes were a means of movement that was absolutely essential for the tracks through snowed in regions during the winter months. Modern snow shoes are of course no longer made of wood and hide but now have the convincing properties of ergonomic, high-function form and high quality materials.

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Snow fans have numerous ways to choose from because these shoes are functional sports devices: dependent of the speed or the features of the terrain, a hike can be relaxing and enjoyable or can of course be a top performance sport. In particular in the Alps there has recently been a huge demand on the part of snow shoe hikers; in general it can be said that all ski slopes are also suitable for snowshoe trekking.

Another endurance sport, snowshoe trekking is ideal and also extremely popular amongst ambitious Nordic Walkers, who can now continue their year-round training with Nordic snowshoeing training under an ice-blue winter sky.