Touring the world or backpacking are the very embodiment of a real adventure. But not everybody has time or the financial means to travel for several months, though. Anyway, that doesn’t mean you’ve to relinquish all hopes. Equipped with a two- or three-weeks’ time frame you are free to travel the world. We’ve collected 7 reasons why you should be looking for adventures instead of lying around the all-inclusive hotel’s pool all day.

1. Individuality instead of mass tourism

You’re considering package tours gross too? Be brave and start a trip on your own then. The reward are unique moments – far away from overcrowded tourist destinations. Spending a 7-hour bus trip from A to B with the locals, sharing your lunch with them, communicating with hands and feet – that’s how you’ll experience your chosen destination in the most authentic way imaginable.

2. Experience other cultures

Travelling reduces stereotypical thinking and it creates a fundamental understanding for the variety of customs and convictions. The preparations for your individual trip alone are a splendid way to get to know country and people better. Doing research means automatically dealing with the country’s history and its cultural facets. In addition, while you’re travelling you’ll realize that the perception of your own daily routine will change as well.

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3. Get to know your limits

Leaving your individual social and cultural environment needs a bit of overcoming. However, there’s no other way to better get to know yourself than facing unfamiliar situations. You’ll be surprised by yourself which talents you possess and how you’re able to master challenges of all different kinds.

4. Leave your comfort zone

Your friends’ latest backpacking story usually sound like great fun, high tension and quite cool at all. Well, honestly speaking, you slightly need to be capable of suffering and flexible as well to enjoy this kind of travelling.

Not everything goes as planned: There’s no coach leaving the sleepy hollow before the day after tomorrow, the fleabites are itching as hell and one of your shoes is lacking a sole. On the other hand, such events are often the very beginning of great stories – to tell and remember.

By the way, there’s an insight among backpackers: If you’re still in love with your partner after being several weeks on an adventure holiday (all the unpredictable events included) then you should spend the rest of your life together – trial by fire officially passed.

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5. 100 percent nature

Hiking, trekking or kayaking for some days is a straight way to an outdoor-lover’s heaven. You can pitch a tent or sleep in a cozy hut and simply enjoy the beauty of the stars above. Experiencing nature that way helps to slow down and forget your daily routine completely.

6. Sustainable Travelling

Package tours are usually not a big help for locals. Many tourists don’t even leave the hotel and its premises – which are often owned by foreign investors. Restaurants and nearby shop-owners are simply cut off. If you’re travelling on your own you’re both supporting the idea of sustainable tourism and promoting the local economy automatically.

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7. Valuable Memories

After an adventure holiday you’ll be able to tell more sophisticated stories than simply how beautiful the hotel or how nice the food was. The very many pictures and memories will be a lifelong little treasure for you.

Having a drive for adventure is the one thing but you should never forget: safety first! If you travel with a guided group, you’ll receive all the information necessary. Otherwise, we’d recommend to consider the foreign office’s current travel and safety notes for your adventure holiday’s preparations.