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Hiking Corsica and Sardinia

Impressive tours along breathtaking coasts

Hiking Corsica and Sardinia - Fortress with city and sea in the background on Corsica.Photo: Lars_Nissen_Photoart, pixabay.

The islands of Sardinia and Corsica count among the most popular holiday islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is no secret that you can go swimming and hiking prominently there. Beautiful bays are in line with fragrant forests and alpine peaks. Hiking enthusiasts enjoy the islands’ variety.

Demanding hiking trail in Corsica

One of the most well-known and very challenging hiking trails is the GR 20 in Corsica, which crosses the whole island. If you prefer a more moderate hike, the coast has a lot to offer.

A beautiful route on the west coast leads to the Genuese tower, Tour de Turghiu, on the rocky cliff Capu Rosso at 300 metres. Along the way to Capu Rosso, around 500 metres in altitude have to be mastered.

From the starting point, the parking lot at the D824, in Piana towards Plage d’Arone until the cliff and back again, it is a 3-hour tour. During the hike, you can again and again enjoy fantastic views on the surrounding bays and the steep cliff. Once you arrive at the tower, you are welcomed with a breath-taking view on the gulf of Porto and on the country.

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Coastal hike from Saint-Florent to Punta Mortella

Just as recommendable is the coastal hike from Saint-Florent to Punta Mortella, where you come past untouched bays. Starting point is the port of Saint-Florent, from where you first hike into the country until you reach the Fornali beach with its impressive lighthouse.

From there you follow the Chemin du Littoral, which leads very close to the coast and often flows into great bays and beaches, until the tour finally ends at the lighthouse of Punta Mortella. Getting there and back again takes up to six hours – but the required time also depends on the number of stops for going for a swim at the beautiful beaches.

City of Saint Florent on Corsica.
City of Saint Florent on Corsica. Photo: MLCG, pixabay.

Hiking in Sardinia

However, not only Corsica offers great bays and a variety of hikes. Also the neighbouring island of Sardinia has a lot to offer for hikers and swimmers.

One of the most enticing bathing bays can be reached on foot on a moderately difficult hill-and-valley hike, starting at the guarded parking lot Su Sinniperu. From there you first follow a trail along an ascent, which treats you with a breath-taking view on the gulf of Orosei.

Coast and beach section in Sardinia.
Photo: CarstenNRW, pixabay.

If you manage to take your eyes off it, the trail leads you down into the valley of the Bacu Goloritzé stream. On your way there, you come past several old shepherd stables. The valley gradually becomes narrower and serpentine-like paths lead you towards the sea until you finally arrive at the Goloritzé bay.

A pointed rock needle that can be seen from far away marks the bay. You should definitely stay for a while at the dreamlike white pebble beach of the bay and enjoy the view on the clear turquoise water. If you like to snorkel, do it there and be amazed by the colourful underwater world.

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Whether Corsica or Sardinia, both Mediterranean islands have a lot in store for hiking enthusiasts. And even during a longer hike on the coastal trails, you won’t have to miss out on swimming. A journey there is worth your while!