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Three unexpected hotspots for working abroad

3 hotspots for Digital Nomads - Digital nomad working with laptop at the lake.

If you belong to the lucky people who can work from anywhere, you don’t need to get attached to a stationary working location. To be precise, not even a city. Or country. But where to go if the whole world is at your doorstep?

There are several co-working hotspots that attract Digital Nomads in droves. Popular travel destinations like Thailand or Mexico, but also economically interesting cities with low living expenses like Berlin and Budapest, are very sought after by people who want to swap their home for something different (for a while).

But there are also a few hidden gems. Our three hotspots for digital nomads are not completely off the grid but may not be everyone’s first choice when looking for a place to work abroad.

Belgrade – Europe, but very different

Belgrade is one of Europe’s more inconspicuous metropoles. The capital of Serbia doesn’t have to be shy when it comes to quality of life and infrastructure, though: Groceries and rents are affordable and there are several co-working spaces you can choose from. There are also lots of great restaurants and cafés as well as a fantastic nightlife for well-deserved after work drinks.

Culturally, Belgrade is a melting pot between distinguished Habsburg style buildings and the more recent Sovjet past. The crowning jewel is the Belgrade Fortress that offers sensational views over the Danube. A visit of the gigantic, orthodox St Sava cathedral is a must-do, as well as discovering the Nikola Tesla museum – who was a Serb before he emigrated to the US.

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Palermo – For sun lovers and gourmets

Fancy a little island feeling and dolce vita? The capital of Sicily offers exactly that for all sun lovers that have enough of the Central European grey in grey. Palermo has a very lively Digital Nomad scene with several co-working spaces, fast Internet and – this should go without mentioning – 2,700 years of Mediterranean cultural history that’s only waiting to be discovered by you. Ideal to clear your head between working and to fill it with new impressions. On top, there’s the delicious Italian cuisine, great wines and the simple fact that you live by the sea now. With beaches and unlimited sun. And gelato.

Ho Chi Minh City – For true urban jungle dwellers

Although Ho Chi Minh City has long lost its status as secret hotspot for backpackers, it still doesn’t seem to attract as many Digital Nomads as the cities and islands of Thailand. This is bound to change in the future: The city offers all amenities of an international co-working hub: Fast Internet, already existing co-working spaces, a very lively expat scene, the highly praised Vietnamese (and international!) cuisine and very affordable costs of living.

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On top of that, Ho Chi Minh City has a big international airport and a long-distance bus terminal that connects the city with the rest of Southeast Asia and the world – Digital Nomads who come to Southeast Asia rarely focus on just one country but take the opportunity to explore the entire region.

Tatonka shares a longstanding history with Ho Chi Minh City: Our Open Factory is located near the metropolis.

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