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The most frequently asked questions to Tatonka - here we answer them!

Frequently asked questions to Tatonka.

At Tatonka we try to help you wherever we can. In our section “FAQ“ you can ask questions about our company and our products and we answer. There are quite a few issues we are frequently asked about by outdoor-fans. This is why we summarized the most common questions and their helpful answers.

Buying equipment and apparels directly from Tatonka

Many of you want to know whether it is possible to purchase equipment or apparels directly from Tatonka. This is however just possible from specialized trades. On our website we provide a retailer search function that helps you finding the merchant located closest to you. The qualified personnel is able to advice you optimally. If you visit our homepage and find a product you like to buy you have the possibility to click either on “Buy Local“, which leads you to the retailer search or click on “Buy Online“ to purchase it from an online dealer.

Repair of defective products

Should one of your Tatonka products be broken it can be fixed at our repair service. To do so you have to ask the original retailer who transmits it to us. As we purely work as a wholesale business it is not possible to send it directly to us. But the specialized retail staff will be pleased to help you.

Spare parts for Tatonka products

If you should need a spare part like a buckle or a tent pole you have to contact the retail trade, too. The distributor either has it in stock or orders it from us. Since we work as a wholesale business it is not possible to order directly from us.

How to clean your backpack

We are frequently asked how to clean and maintain a backpack adequately. Basically this is a simple thing. The best way to do so is to clean it by hand with a moist cloth. In case of heavy soiling you can use a mild soap solution. It is very important to let the product dry completely to avoid mould stains. Since the material is coated, there is no need to impregnate it. Never put it in the washing machine or the dryer as the outer material might be damaged. Incidentally these tips also apply to the cleaning of tents.

Trekking backpacks as flight luggage

For long distance journeys a lot of you take their trekking backpacks with them and want to know whether it is possible to take them as regular flight luggage. Be careful! As the strips and belts tend to get hooked up in the conveyors it is recommended to use a special luggage cover. Tatonka offers protective covers for the transport as well as practical combinations of protection and rain covers. To make sure that you will not get lost in the jungle of “what can I take” regulations we have collected the most important information on what is allowed as flight baggage. As traveling is more relaxing if you are well prepared you should also have a look at our tips for adequate travel preparations.

Assembly instructions for Tatonka tents

Our outdoor friends often ask for assembly instructions for their Tatonka tents. We are able to remedy easily. The instructions can be downloaded as pdf or watched as a video on our YouTube channel – then nothing will go wrong.

Condensed water in the tent

Another common issue is the question whether a tent gets leaky if the inner and the outer tent abut. Naturally this is not the case. In this instance the condensed water is simply collected more quickly, which tends to be misinterpreted as “leaky“. So the best way to build up the outer tent is to stretch it while avoiding to touch the inner tent. For that reason there are quite a few anchoring points. But basically you have to remember that the production of condensed water is a natural process while camping. Depending on the size of the inner tent, the number of people sleeping in it, the weather conditions and the quality of the substrate, more or less condensed water is produced. But this does not mean that the tent is leaky. To reduce or prevent condensation you have to remember a few simple tricks:

  • ensure enough ventilation: either open the airing or (if available) the second entrance
  • line the apsis ground sheet: it prevents soil moisture from rising
  • wipe up damp from the inside of the tent

You can find more detailed information on the issue of tents in our tent manual or in the following articles:

Taking care of waterproof apparels

A lot of you also care about the maintenance of waterproof clothing. As those garments are equipped with a special membrane you have to be particularly cautious. To preserve the function of that membrane you have to maintain it with special care. Click here to learn more about it.

Further information on “FAQ”

If you have further questions that have not been answered yet, do not hesitate to contact us directly. In our section “FAQ” we offer additional support and assistance.