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City trips in autumn

Tips for an authentic and intensive autumn trip

City trips in autumn offer advantages.

In summer, the major cities of Europe are often hopelessly overcrowded but in autumn, they are undergoing an almost wondrous transformation: Gentle light, a charming atmosphere and numerous sights to see are just waiting for you. Discover the fascinating and different heritage of some great cities.

In autumn, it is a very special experience to visit cities of historical importance with their unique atmosphere: Oppressive heat gives way to pleasant warmth, the hordes of tourists have left, the side streets and the tourist attractions are deserted, the local residents have returned from their summer retreats. In other words, the city comes to life again, with its own special charm and provides everything you can imagine for a great city trip in autumn: authenticity, excitement, intensity.

Barcelona: Magnificent view of the capital of Catalonia

Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city was built on several hills and a broad plateau – allowing spectacular views over the countless rooftops and over the coastline.

Tibidabo, the highest summit of the gently undulating Serra de Collserola mountain range, rises more than 500 meters above sea level. Thanks to the wonderful autumn air, anyone who climbs this mountain is rewarded with a magnificent panorama – and can also visit the imposing Church Sagrat Cor, built at the top of the Tibidabo at the beginning of the 20th century.

In October, Barcelona enjoys an agreeable temperature of about 20°C – perfect for long walks through the city center. At 20°C the sea also provides a welcome refreshment after an exciting discovery tour.

City trips in autumn - Barcelona from above.
Barcelona from above. Photo: Joaquin Aranoa, pixabay.

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Athens: Inspiring impressions and romance

Follow the fascinating traces of the ancient Greeks in Athens, the cultural and commercial center and historically the most important city in Greece: With temperatures above 20°C, Athens welcomes its visitors with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and provides a short holiday break to inspire all the senses, thanks to its wealth of archeological attractions.

In the traditional taverns you can sit with a delicious Mediterranean meal and a glass of good wine and look back on the impressions of the day, make new plans and work out some interesting routes:

  • to the historic attractions known to the world such as the Acropolis or the Pantheon,
  • to the romantic and charming port of Mikrolimano,
  • to the artistic statues of Athens Central Cemetery and many more fascinating places.
City trips autumn - The Acropolis in Athens.
The Acropolis in Athens. Photo: sman_5, pixabay

Hanover: Green lung in the heart of Lower Saxony

In 2011 Hanover was named as the greenest city in Germany. In Hanover, there is the Eilenriede, one of the largest continuous town forests in Europe.

A dense and diverse network of routes leads you through the “green lung” in the heart of this city in Lower Saxony. Ponds, benches and meadows invite you to an autumn sojourn for the senses. A paradise not only for people simply going for a walk or a cycle ride or for joggers but also for the wild animals which are at home in the 640 hectare forest.

If you should eventually get bored with a gentle stroll, then you can find more action in the high ropes garden, test your skills on the skating route or treat yourself to a fast ride down the toboggan runs.

In terms of culture, Hanover offers a variety of sights from different epochs. The “Herrenhäuser stately home gardens” take the visitor to the geometric landscape creations of the baroque world and charm you with interesting flower beds and creative special buildings. On the “Green Ring” you can walk or cycle for some 80 kilometers around the city boundaries of Hanover.

City trips in autumn - New town hall in Hanover, Lower Saxony.
New town hall in Hanover, Lower Saxony. Photo: falco, pixabay.

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Safety is an important feel-good factor

Unfortunately, also for a spontaneous city trip in autumn applies: Holiday time is also a time of stealing. In principle you should never carry more cash around with you than you really need, keep your documents safe and also keep a copy of your most important documents such as ID cards, passport or visa.

To ensure that nothing goes amiss you should carry your valuables as close to the body as possible. A neck pouch, for example, helps to keep money and documents safe. This money pouch is hung around the neck, cannot be seen under clothing and so it is protected from thieving hands.

Flat fanny packs protect against theft.
Flat bum bags that can be worn “invisibly” under clothing protect your belongings from pickpockets.

The shoulder holster also functions in a similar way: You wear it under the arm and hold it close to the body with a chest strap. Another possibility for keeping your money safe is a belt with a secret compartment. All Tatonka products for the safekeeping of money and documents can be found here.

Please note: This article has been published in September 2011 and revised in September 2018.

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