For leisure time, school, college or office, the smart TATONKA daypacks are ideal. They are lightweight, practical and provide enough storage space for all your daily needs, big and small but are they also a good choice for rambling? The carrying system and fittings are important factors for comfort and back relief on your tour.

The days have gone when daypacks were used solely as sporty city bags; they are becoming ever more popular also out in the countryside. Although a daypack is totally suitable for a walk through the forest, for carrying a snack and rain protection – it may not be completely suitable for a whole day or a multi-day tour. A compact backpack features comfortable carrying properties. It has a ventilated back system that ensures that sweat caused through exertion quickly evaporates. This means not only a feeling of carrying comfort, but also ensures the natural cooling function of the body during active physical activity. With its ventilated back system X Vent Zero, Tatonka offers perfect carrying comfort – for an unencumbered experience in nature, full of power and movement.

X Vent Zero: Maximum control and unique lightness

The trend goes towards lightweight – particularly for hiking backpacks, where every gram counts. The X Vent Zero back system provides maximum load control and optimum ventilation while having minimum contact with your back. The system can be tightened or loosened seamlessly. It is thus extremely flexible for use on a great variety of tours.

The X Vent Zero back system scores through its minimum contact surface with the back: It has less than half the contact area of traditional systems. Despite carefully designed material reduction in the carrying system, nothing has been reduced in terms of fittings and comfort: The backpacks fitted with the X Vent Zero system have padded side sections and are equipped for handling even the most demanding hiking tours. Depending on the model, they come with rain cover, side pockets, walking stick holders, compression belts and separate bottom sections to fulfil all needs for outdoor hiking. They are also compatible with different hydration systems.

Currently, the Tatonka Storm 20 and Hiking Pack 22 are our trailblazers for lightweight practicality: They also offer easy load control and fit so comfortably that you can concentrate entirely on your movements. These two hiking backpack models are of enormous benefit on active walking tours.

Please note: This article has been published in March 2012 and revised in February 2018.