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Basic knowledge outdoor wear

Your basic outfit for your outdoor activities

Outoor wear basics - Find the right outdoor clothing.Your basic outfit for outdoor activities

The right clothing is decisive for your well-being on tour. It should be resilient, breathable and weatherproof in order for you to feel good and be ready for whatever may come. Tatonka offers an overview on what you should have in your outdoor-closet and how to combine your clothes best.

Must-haves in your closet

During a multi-day hiking tour you cannot always rely on the weather. At any time you can be surprised by a brief drizzle or sudden blazing sun. Furthermore, it can be challenging to cover the long distances by foot – for you and your clothes. Therefore, one of the most important rules for outdoor adventures is: Try the onion look. Wearing several layers makes you more flexible and you can always take off some pieces if needed – it is better to wear too much than too little.

Practical all-rounder: the soft-shell jacket

The absolute all-rounder amongst the outdoor clothes is the soft-shell jacket. It is soft, light and elastic and therefore offers high wearing comfort and freedom of movement. The outer fabric of soft-shell jackets is breathable, windproof and water-repellent and is equipped with a napped and warming lining. So they are perfectly suited for many different activity ranges – even if it gets sweaty. As the outer material is smooth and very resilient, carrying a heavy backpack will not strain a soft-shell jacket. Although it is highly hydrophobic, it is not waterproof, which means that it cannot withstand constant rain.

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Quick-drying functional- and trekking-shirts

Underneath a soft-shell jacket it is best to wear a functional- or trekking-shirt. There are different shirts for all sorts of weather conditions: for spring and summer you should choose a shirt with UV protection, to safeguard your body against unnecessary exposure. All functional shirts have in common to be quick-drying, which is especially useful for sudorific tours or unexpected rain showers. Due to the functional cut you have furthermore enough freedom of movement, to not feel restricted.

Outoor wear basics - Two hikers with outdoor clothing going for a walk.
Functional shirts and blouses dry quickly.

Optimum freedom of movement due to functional pants

Functional pants are the ideal companions for an outdoor tour. They offer freedom of movement and are available in different fabrics, to make sure that you can always find a suitable pair for your requirements. For ventures under warmer weather conditions we recommend pants made of light and quick-drying fabrics. Firmer materials are suited for more exhausting tours, as they are very sturdy. Pants made of durable and water-repellent soft-shell are admittedly ideal when it comes to activities under colder circumstances.

Optimum moisture management due to functional underwear

You should not relinquish functional underwear, as it ensures optimum heat and moisture management. In case of transpiration, humidity is transported away from the body. Furthermore it is quick-drying and keeps you warm. Depending on the season of the year, there are different types of functional underwear to choose from.

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Rainwear will keep you dry

Rainwear should not be missing in any luggage. Your soft-shell jacket might not be enough, as a rain shower or strong wind could surprise you suddenly. If you have an additional waterproof jacket as well as a spear pair of pants, you will – due to this second ‘onion-layer’ – achieve heat and drought.

Especially important: a suiting pair of shoes

Hiking shoes are another must-have. Depending on your preferential outdoor activity, there is an appropriate pair: for example trekking boots or lightweight hiking shoes. For that reason it is important to be sure about the intended purpose of your shoes, if you go shopping for footwear. A suiting pair should be ankle-high, to protect you feet from twisting and stabilize them at the same time. Being waterproof, breathable and comfortable are additional criteria for a good pair of hiking shoes that can carry you through nature for a long time.

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